Stories Written by Children



-A True Story by B. VISHAKA of X A



B. Vishaka is one of the brilliant students of Class X. She has the capability of imagining and weaving stories. 


It was about 4 in the morning when my parents along with my uncle and aunt started their travel to Thirupathi. Of course, my sister and I were alone at home. We were happily playing carrom board. At that time the phone bells rang and mysister who attended the call started crying. When i asked what the matter was, she told me that our parents had met with an accident on their way to Thirupathi. It was that, when they were nearing Kailasapuram (approximately 5 km from Thirupathi), there was an 'S' bend on the road and the driver didn't even care to slow down the car which was travelling at a speed of 80 km/h. Just when they took the turn, they noticed a big stone on their path. The front wheel escaped without damage but the back wheel got hit by the stone and the tire got burst. The car was out of the driver's control. It hit a big lamp - post near - by and landed in a 50 - feet well doing some somer-saults. Fortunately, there was no water in the well and no electricity in the village that day. Then the villagers immediately came to their aid and they were saved. Thank goodness the Almighty was with them in the form of the villagers.






Promit Ganguly is a blooming writer. Right from his childhood he has an inclination towards writing. He has written on many occasions. Given story has a moral for young childrem.



Once there was a dog. He liked to tease everyone. His name was teasy. So, everyone tried to stay away from him. Once, he was walking in the jungle. He saw a cat and her two friends enjoying a picnic. He thought he will scare them. So, he near them and barked at them. They ran away. He helped himself with stuff the cats had brought. In a heap of leftovers he found a bone. He took it and started wandering aimlessly in the jungle. He saw Rinku deer. He thought he would frighten him. He dressed himself as lion and went near rinku and started barking. Rinku looked back and saw a lion. “A lion never barks,” he thought. So, he suspected Teasy. He pretended as he was scared and started running. Teasy followed rinku. Rinku hid near a bush where teasy could not find him. He removed his clothing and rinku realized he was right. Teasy was telling himself that Rinku had got scared and his mission was successful. Rinku silently waited and watched this too. Next day Rinku went to the lion- King’s palace. The King’s name was Sher- Singh. Rinku said everything. The king got very angry with teasy. So, the king said     “I have a plan. You bring teasy to the palace. And I will do my work.”

The next day Rinku was strolling where Teasy tried to scare him. Teasy saw Rinku and thought of scaring him again. This time Rinku took him to the palace. The king saw Rinku being chased by Teasy.The king challenged teasy to fight with him and win as he was in the disguise of a lion. Teasy was scared. He removed the mask and apologized to rinku and the king. The king forgave him and told him to behave well with everyone in future. Teasy promised and soon became a good and helpful dog. Everyone liked him and named him Goldie.







Manasee has a natural talent of writing. Following is one of the mythological stories written in her own words.



Once upon a time on the peak of Kailasa Mountain lived a divine man, he was none other than the lord Shiva.

Once upon a time on the Kailasa Parvathi was sitting on the rock and looking at the river which followed nearby. Suddenly she thought of creating her son and she did. She created a baby and named him Ganesha.

She then told him to guard the palace while she took bath. Meanwhile shiva came and Ganesha stopped him from going inside. In a rage of anger he cut off the neck of Ganesha.

When Parvathi came out she saw her son lying dead. She became very angry. She asked Kali and Durga (Her figher friends) to kill every body.

Lords and gods ran to Shiva and said about this. Shiva then ordered Nandi his super natural servant to cut the head of anybody who was sleeping in the north direction (facing towards north). nandi brought the head of an elephant which was sleeping in the north direction.

Thus Ganesha was given the head of the elephant and Shiva blessed him. All other celestial beings also blessed him.